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Each and every one of us has unique needs which extend to the way in which we require our home to be accessible to us.  Our home should always be a comfortable, safe, and convenient environment, and HSA provides a variety of services to achieve barrier-free living without having to physically move into a new home.

There are several ways in which HSA can help empower those who require adaptations to how homes are standardly built.  Keep in mind that seniors, people using wheelchairs, and children can all benefit from these changes and added precautions, including yourself.

Barrier Free Living

Home Entrance

  • addition of ramps and railings
  • doorway widening
  • levered door handles
  • levelling of walkways
  • altering height and width of steps


  • grab bars
  • hand rails
  • raised/lowered toilets, sinks, and cabinetry
  • roll-in showers
  • task lighting and motion-sensor lighting
  • pull-out cabinets

Throughout the home…

  • reachable controls for electrical switches and thermostats
  • temperature-regulated water
  • removal of tripping hazards
  • task lighting and motion-sensor lighting (especially in stairwells)
  • doorway widening
  • levered door handles
  • pull-out cabinets

Regardless of your needs, HSA can help you find the best way to make your home the most accessible to you and your loved ones.  Call us for a FREE estimate!

From repairs and bathroom renovations to drain clearing and flushing, HSA sends you trusted, licensed, and insured plumbers to make sure the job is fixed right the first time.

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