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Resolutions for 2016

Front Door Entrance

6 Home Improvement Resolutions You Can Stick to in 2016

Some home improvement projects make a much larger impact than others. New windows and siding, for example, change the entire exterior appearance of your home. Today’s economic hardships make it difficult for some homeowners to tackle major projects, but we’ve put together a list of six home improvement projects that will make a big impact without breaking the bank.

Make a Grand Entrance

Change the entry door and include a surround if you have space. A larger entry area makes the home appear more welcoming and increases curb appeal. Consider a decorative surround that really brings attention to the front porch and entry area. Add a couple of small windows if there’s room, or install a storm door to increase insulation properties and curb appeal as well.

Modernization Efforts

Kitchen – A modern kitchen will transform the way you feel about the entire home. Consider changing the faucet, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and other small things at first. New appliances can be installed later if you still feel a bit behind the times.

Bathroom – The bathroom tends to show age more than most other rooms. Upgrade the toilet to a low-flow system, replace cabinet hardware, and replace all of the faucets in the sink, tub, and shower.

Outlets – Outlets and faceplates show wear and tear from everyday life over time. Replace them with the latest up-to-date models, and watch each room come to life just that much more.

Switches – Light switches and faceplates, like outlets, show wear and tear from everyday life. Replace them with decorative options that add to each room’s appeal instead of solid colors.

Organize Everything

Organization is the key to an uncluttered home. Begin in the least cluttered room so you don’t immediately feel overwhelmed. Make plans to sell or donate items that you haven’t used in at least six months. Make closet organization simple by hanging all hangers in one direction and turn them as you use clothing. Any hangers that are still in the same position in six months should be given the most consideration for donation or sales.

Deep Clean

Clean the carpets and furniture, and steam clean hard surfaces like bathroom and kitchen tile. One or two deep cleanings per year is sufficient for keeping dust, mites, and other particulates at bay. Carpet cleaning removes the germs, hair, dirt, and mites that irritate people with sensitivities to allergies.

Interior Paint

Paint the interior of each room. Start with a small room or hallway so you can judge the amount of time and effort it will take to complete your task. A fresh coat of interior paint throughout your home will provide an entirely new perspective and many new decoration options. Explore different sheens of paint for a unique appearance. You can, for example, paint the entire wall in eggshell or satin finish and then create lines, chevrons, or designs in glossy paint for an impressive appearance.


Simply redecorating each room is a wonderful way to freshen up your home. Open shelving provides a lovely way to add splashes of color and decorative objects to add style to the room. Redecorating efforts do not have to be expensive to make a lasting impression.

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