basement flooding

Basement Flooding

sump pump

As we get into the spring thaw many homeowners will have problems with basement flooding. There are two main reasons for water to get into the basement. Either the walls leak and need to re sealed or the weeping tiles need a sump pump to clear water from the base of the foundation.

A sump pump is a good solution to prevent basement flooding and ease basement dampness. A sump pump is usually positioned in a ho;e in the basement floor (a sump pit) and discharges water from around the foundation. There are two common types of sump pumps: pedestal and submersible. They are usually hardwired into the electrical system and may have a battery backup. Annual maintenance is important to remove debris from the sump pit, as this may cause the unit to fail and cause basement flooding.

The other source of basement flooding is water leaking through the basement walls. This can be through a crack in the foundation which can be repaired with a simple injection or it might be coming through the concrete itself. Yes, concrete can leak. This type of leak requires more extensive repair, either inside or outside, and should be done by a professional with a transferable warranty.

Homeowners can help to reduce the risk of basement flooding by keeping as much water as possible away from the foundation of the house. Keep lot grading (soil) sloped away from the house. Earth settles over time and will naturally sink towards the foundation. Try to keep the grade sloping away from the house for at least 6ft. This includes patios and walkways. Extend downspouts to the 6ft mark as well. Clean eavestroughs and downspouts regulary to ensure they take the water well away from the foundation. Sometimes all it takes to prevent basement flooding is a little work outside your home.

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