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Basement Renovation

Basement renovation

For many homeowners a basement renovation provides the solution to many items on the family “wish list”. A place to play, a space for entertainment, a home office, organized storage – the uses for an attractive basement are limited only by your imagination.

As with any home renovation project, planning carefully with clearly thought out goals will result in long term satisfaction. Consider how your basement will be used, keeping in mind future, as well as immediate, needs.  Your children may need a playroom now, but as teens they may want homework or entertaining space (and eventually you may even get that pool table you dream about).

Once you’ve established how you plan to use your basement, take a realistic look at your space requirements.  If you are planning to install large items such as a big screen TV or a ping pong table, be sure to allow for enough room so that you won’t feel cramped.  Additional storage can mean anything from adjustable shelving to walk-in closets – with considerably different space requirements.

Keep in mind that a few large rooms give a much more spacious feeling than a series of small ones.  And when considering the best use of space, remember to allow for the assortment of ducts, posts, and varied ceiling heights found in most basements.

Consider the following points before the first nail is hammered, and save yourself at least some of those annoying “why didn’t we think of…..?” conversations after your basement is finished.

  • Do you really need another washroom in the basement?  Many modern homes have two or three upstairs (how many do you really want to keep clean?)
  • Will enlarging the existing windows be beneficial?  Increasing the natural light in basements, even by as much as one-third the size of the original windows, can have a dramatic overall effect.
  • If extra sleeping space is required, must it be in a separate room?
  • Is the foundation in good repair?  Moisture is one of the major problems in basements so have a professional inspection before renovating begins.
  • Many people complain of being cold downstairs.  Adding extra insulation brings an excellent return on comfort levels.  If you are carpeting, consider upgrading the underpad for the same reason.
  • Do you need to consider sound proofing because of a home office or basement bedroom (or perhaps the drum set you foolishly bought your teen)?

Once you have an overall plan in mind, your next step is to decide how much, if any, of the work you are willing and able to do yourself.

Realistically consider your available time, your range of skills and the tools you will need to buy or rent.  You might undertake the tear-out and disposal work yourself, as well as perhaps the painting.  Finishing, framing, drywalling, flooring and electrical and plumbing work may be best left to the experts.

If you have any questions about your planned basement renovation give our office at call at (905) 827-6608.

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