bathroom reno plan

Bathroom renovation planning

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Consider the following for your bathroom renovation planning:


The tub, toilet (water closet, or W/C), sink, vanity and taps are the main fixtures of the bathroom.  The fixtures often set the style, contemporary, modern or classic.  Often the fixtures can account for 40% of the renovation budget, however with the large selection of fixtures available today this is also the most flexible part of your budget.  Spend time working with a professional to choose the right fixtures.

Everyone who will use the tub should sit in it to be sure it isn’t too big for little ones or to small if it will be shared.  Think about storage needs for the vanity vs. the clean lines of a pedestal sink.  And ask about cleaning needs, in case there are special requirements or crevices that will trap dirt and germs.


Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are all excellent durable and water-resistant choices for a bathroom. However they have different installation styles which can affect the budget.  Ask the installer or salespeople for advice and costing while choosing a tile.  Subfloor heating coils will make these hard surfaces warm.


Good lighting is important in the bathroom.  Pot lights on a dimmer for overall lighting, combined with task lighting at the mirrors and shower will enable you to use the room throughout the day.


Simply changing the toilet, mirror, lights and paint can really (and inexpensively) change the look of a small bathroom.  Larger renovations can incorporate moving walls and relocating fixtures to create a new bathroom.  Showers can be part of the bathtub, or stand alone.  Build niches in the shower for soaps or add a mirror for shaving.  Body jets might require an upgrade to the whole plumbing system in order to work properly.  Consider future needs too by adding a bench and hand held shower, or make the shower threshold flush with the floor.  And for that luxury spa-like feel consider adding a TV or fireplace!

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