American electrical outlet and cover plate, with screwdriver and wire nuts

Conserving Energy

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Air leaking into the house through cracks, around windows, doors and other places account for 30-40 percent of heat loss of a typical home.  This is a scary thought for homeowners who are conscious of conserving energy.

Under normal conditions most homes experience a complete air change every two hours.  On windy days, the air change can take place every hour.  Generally speaking the older the house the greater the rate of cold air leakage.

In some houses, fully 20 percent of all air leakage may be through electrical outlets.  If you properly seal and weather strip these areas you can readily conserve energy and significantly reduce your heating bills.  Here’s how:

•             Turn off the power to the outlet at the fuse or breaker.  Check to make sure the power is off by plugging in a lamp.
•             Remove the cover plate with a screwdriver.
•             Place a foam gasket (available from most hardware stores) over the receptacles.
•             Replace the cover and turn the power back on
•             Install child safety plugs in outlets that you do not use.  This will prevent drafts through the outlet holes.  Foam gaskets are also available that fit around switches to minimize air leaks.
•             Never put insulation or other foreign materials inside the electrical box

If you don’t have time or if you just want to watch a professional do the first few, call HSA at (905) 827-6608 to book an appointment with a licensed electrician and learn about conserving energy in your home.

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