Drywall repairs

Drywall Repairs

Most people don’t give their drywall much thought until something goes wrong. Then it’s time to acess the damage and decide on a method of repair. This can be something as simple as covering nail holes from picture hangers with a little compound, letting it dry, then giving it a quick sand and a little touch up of paint, or something as extensive as removing sheets of drywall and having them professionally replaced.  Read more about drywall repairs.


In most homes these days all interior walls and ceilings are covered with drywall. This is also sometimes called sheetrock or gypsum board. Drywall became widely manufactured beginning in the 1930’s.
Panels are manufactured in 48-inch and 54-inch wide sheets in varying lengths to suit the application, and can be between 1/4-inch thick to 5/8-inch thick. All drywall provides some R-value (for warmth) and has some noise-reducing properties, which can be increased depending on the method of installation. Drywall is not water resistant, however blueboard, greenboard and cement board are water resistant and should be used if there is a chance the board might get wet. Once installed, drywall seams are finished with special tape and compound, then primer and paint. Ceiling (and walls) can also be finished with a textured surface. This one product can have many looks and functions in your home.

If you are considering a do-it-yourself repair and have questions, or want a quote for a more extensive job, please call our office at 905-827-6608. Our advice about your drywall repairs will always be free.

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