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Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating

With the holiday entertaining season here it’s time to look around the house and do a little holiday decorating!  Think about changing paint colours in a few rooms.  Or adding new light fixtures and taps to add sparkle.  There are many quick and inexpensive ways to update your home for the holidays, from painting, plumbing and electrical changes to flooring, back splashes and more!

In the kitchen paint can have a big impact.  Think about adding a feature wall in a bold colour.  It is quick, easy and most importantly, can be easily changed if it’s not quite right.  Or paint the whole kitchen.  Kitchens tend to have less wall space to paint than living rooms, so require less investment in paint.  Another quick fix in the kitchen can be adding a back splash.  Tiles, mirrors, even a painted back splash can really update the busiest room in the house.

Lighting also plays an important role at this time of year.  Days are shorter, lights are on longer, and guests will want to see how beautiful your home is!  Pot lights can be added on dimmers for ambiance lighting, bathroom fixtures can be updated to give better task lighting and hallways can finally be rid of builders’ fixtures in favour of more modern choices.  Just remember that electricity is dangerous, lights, switches and outlets all have voltage limitations, and if you are unsure of how to work safely with electricity a quick call to a professional might save both your life and your home.

Plumbing updates can include a new easy to flush, easy to clean commode, or new taps.  While plumbing might not be as glamorous as the new paint or chandelier,  it is the most functional part of your home.  Water efficient toilets and shower heads can have a big impact on your water bill if you have lots of guests over during the holiday season.  Many local regional governments are also offering rebates to home owners on the purchase of new toilets.  And if your Christmas list contains new appliances, remember the water line for the ice maker and dishwasher.  Although the old fashioned way of having everyone help wash dishes after a family gathering is not a bad idea either.

While these are all great holiday decorating ideas, they can also spruce up the house at any time of year.  Call HSA at (905) 827-6608 now to get a quote and update you house!




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