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Many of our clients call with questions about their kitchen renovation. There are so many different ways to answer that it can be a real challenge to help homeowners over the phone. The most asked question is “what will it cost”, followed by “how long will it take”? Meeting clients in their homes is the best way to begin to answer these questions about a kitchen renovation.

Cost can be dictated by the size and layout of the kitchen, the style and materials involved and the amount of DIY work the homeowner is willing to do. Most people understand that the larger the space the more it is likely to cost, but what they don’t realize is that smaller spaces that have more corners, windows, deeper than average cabinets/islands or older homes with plaster might need more custom work and therfore might be more expensive in the long run. Straight runs of granite are cheaper than corners and narrow islands are also less expensive. Our experience with kitchen renovation will help you choose the layout that best fits your budget.

Once the design process begins it will be time to choose finishing materials. The sooner the materials are all on site the sooner and faster the kitchen renovation will happen. There is no magic number of days or weeks since every home is unique. It is important to understand that the kitchen is often the center of the home and that center is being torn apart for a time. It will be great when it’s done, but a kitchen renovation takes a toll on everyone. Make plans for meals, dishes and family time away from the renovation to give everyone a break. Starting the renovation once all the materials are ready will also help avoid costly delays. There is nothing worse than starting demolition only to find out the cabinets have been delayed. Having everything ready to go will make the job run smoothly.

Many clients need time to plan their kitchen renovation. The first steps are to plan a budget and see if the space works. That’s why we are happy to meet with you even if you aren’t going to be ready for a year. Call our office at (905) 827-6608 to discuss your plans today.

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