Kitchn Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Most real estate professionals agree that kitchen renovations produce the greatest return on the investment. Most homeowners remodel the kitchen to better enjoy the space. Whatever the reason to renovate the kitchen it is a major decision that can be broken down into steps to make it a little easier.

Kitchen Renovations:

1)            set out your priorities
2)            know what’s possible to construct (or remove)
3)            work out a budget you can afford
4)            get quotes for prices and timelines
5)            don’t worry about the mess
6)            inspect as your go and make changes as required

Good communication before the renovation begins will make everyone happier during the process.  Be clear about your expectations.   Be aware of the difference between what’s desirable and what’s essential.  There will be disruptions to the household but understanding what is going to happen will make it easier.

Kitchen renovations can be large or small, depending on space and budget.  HSA can consult with you to determine if it is possible to move walls and plumbing, or if the space needs to remain roughly the same.  Once the space and budget have been defined it will be possible to get quotes from HSA’s network of licensed trades people.

Be aware that renovating can be messy and dusty.  Remove as much as possible from the main floor and cover the rest in plastic.  Turn off the furnace and cover the ducts to keep dust away from the rest of the house.  HSA can provide a cleaning service if required after any renovation work.

No matter how small the kitchen renovation is, from upgrading a countertop to putting on a full addition, HSA will follow through the steps with you to ensure the job is done right, within budget and on time.  Call us today at 905-827-6608 to discuss your ideas about kitchen renovations.

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