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10 Ideas to Turn Your Existing Laundry Room into an Amazing Mudroom

Ontario homeowners are no strangers to winter weather and a muddy spring thaw. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the frustration of having muddy feet and paws run through the house multiple times for a drink or a snack.

It’s for this reason that we like the idea of turning a regular laundry room into a mudroom so all dirt and mud can be contained in one central area. Keep reading for 10 great ideas for turning your laundry room into an amazing mudroom.

  1. Exterior Door – The very first thing your laundry room needs is outdoor accessibility. This would become the new entry door for those muddy feet and paws. You may even want to consider adding a pet door if you have a safe enough place to allow your pet(s) to come and go as they please.
  2. Shower – This is the perfect spot to have the ability to take a shower after you’ve been mowing or landscaping all day, or if the kids or pets have been playing outside.
  3. Laundry Facilities – Of course the laundry facilities will remain in place; add a hamper for those times when you need to change clothes in the mudroom.
  4. Bathroom Facilities – Several of the trips in and out of the house include bathroom trips. Add a full bathroom to the laundry room to help contain the dirt to one area.
  5. Lockers – Each family member, even the furry ones, can benefit from having their own storage area in the mudroom. Children and pets can store clothes and toys for outdoor play while you can store landscaping tools and clothing that is used specifically for outdoor work.
  6. Shelving – Storage is extremely important in the mudroom. You need places to store everything from extra clothing and muddy shoes to cleaning supplies for when the mudroom isn’t in use.
  7. Seating – Seating in the mudroom provides a spot to rest while you’re working outside or waiting for the kids to get ready. Built-in storage benches offer the perfect opportunity to create a multi-use area for seating and storage.
  8. Mini Fridge – Kids like to snack and grab drinks when they go running randomly into the house, taking dirt and germs along with them. A mini fridge and snack area allows them to play and snack until their hearts are content – without carrying dirt throughout the rest of the house.
  9. Small Table and Chairs – A bistro set is perfect for the mudroom because it can be used to hold items you need or provide a snack area for kids who are just too busy to sit still at the dining room table.
  10. Pet Facilities – How many times have you wished you had a more convenient place to bathe the dog after he or she has helped you with the landscaping or had way too much fun outside? Include pet facilities in the mudroom bathroom so that every member of the family can bathe and return to normal life in the house – even the furry ones.

Increase privacy for the bathroom and mudroom by installing doors on each. The bathroom should be an attached yet separate room from the mudroom to make it more convenient for multiple people to get cleaned up at once. The doorway that leads from the mudroom to the rest of the house should also have a door to help contain the dirt. Children and pets don’t always stop to think about how much dirt they’re tracking through the rest of the home, but a door in the path helps tremendously.

Call us at 905-827-6608 if you’re in the Oakville, Ontario area and would like to discuss the idea of turning your existing laundry room into a mudroom. We’ve been providing similar renovation and handyman services throughout the area since 1992. We look forward to helping you with your renovation needs.

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