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Tiles: Most home renovations require some type of tile installation.  A simple kitchen update can be the addition of a backsplash, a bathroom renovation includes lots of tiles, even a fireplace can get updated with new tiles for the surround and hearth.  The uses are limitless.  And so are the choices!  But not all tiles are created equal, and not are installed the same way.  It is important to know what type of tile you have to be able to determine what type of installation method you need.  And what skill level will be involved.

Ceramic tiles are the easiest to install, and are generally the least expensive.  Porcelain tiles are harder and therefore harder to cut and install.  Marble are softer, however are prone to breakage, and therefore are also difficult to cut.  Marble also absorb stains and need more care after installation.  The list goes on: granite, cork, slate, glass and more.  And they all have different requirements.  Be sure to ask for advice about the installation requirements before you make any final choices.  If the store cannot give that advice we would be happy to help.  Call us with any questions before you buy at 905-827-6608.  Our advice is always free!


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