Water Damage

Water Damage

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Water damage in our homes can cost a great deal of money, be time consuming for homeowners and can ruin personal property. Yet there are ways to prevent water damage or reduce the damage and cost should it happen. Not to mention that some house insurance does not provide full coverage for water damage.

As we head into spring, things are going to get a little wet. A wet basement is more than a nuisance. If your basement includes finished living space, any kind of moisture can ruin carpeting, drywall, and framing. Even if you have a crawl space or just use your basement for storage, a simple case of condensation can buckle hardwood flooring on the level above and spawn harmful mold.

There’s a 24-hour period that’s very important to prevent any potential mould from growing. So as soon as you notice a wet patch you need to act fast. Pull up carpet in the wet area and remove the underpad. It is like a sponge so be careful. The carpet can be dried with a fan and eventually relaid. Remove wet dryall and insulation and allow the walls to dry out. Hopefully this will also expose the source of the water damage so that it can be repaired.

For personal belongings the best way to keep them safe is to store them properly in the basement. Use large plastic storage containers and keep everything off of the floor on shelves. Keep everything well labeled in case emergency removal is necessary. Getting the important stuff out first will save heartache later on. Don’t let water damage ruin keepsakes.

As for insurance, every policy is different and you should check your coverege before the spring thaw. Often the damage is covered but not the cause. Sewer backup is usually an extra you need to specifically request.

To avoid water damage in the first place spend some time this spring inspecting your home to see if there are any openings that require caulking or bricks to repair. Check to make sure your eavestroughs aren’t choked with leaves and downspouts take water well away from the foundation. Be proactive, and stay dry.

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