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WSIB and the Homeowner

WSIB and the Homeowner

There are big changes coming in 2013 to the renovation world.  Contractors will be taxed more.  In addition to paying for liability insurance and vehicle insurance, personal taxes and government taxes, contractors will also pay between 5% and 10% of their wages to WSIB.  The big questions are how will this affect the homeowner, and how will this affect home renovations in Oakville?

Currently if a contractor works in a home (or commercial property) and he is hurt, OHIP pays their medical bills, and the contractor must just absorb his lost wages.  Or he can take legal action againt the homeowner for the lost wages.  WSIB is going to insure contractors for lost wages and medical care.  This is a program that will benifit contractors and protect homeowners.

Is the amount of this insurance going to affect the cost of hiring a contractor?  Likely the cost will go up slightly, however when weighed against the cost that could be incurred by hiring an un-insured contractor under-the-table (or a cash-only guy) most homeowner will want to protect themselves and their property.  Taxes are part of life in Canada, where we all have an excellent standard of living, free health care, and very little unwarranted litigation.

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