Laundry Room Ideas


Laundry Room Improvements

10 Ideas to Turn Your Existing Laundry Room into an Amazing Mudroom

Ontario homeowners are no strangers to winter weather and a muddy spring thaw. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the frustration of having muddy feet and paws run through the house multiple times for a drink or a snack.

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Holiday Decorating

Kitchen Painting

Holiday Decorating

With the holiday entertaining season here it’s time to look around the house and do a little holiday decorating!  Think about changing paint colours in a few rooms.  Or adding new light fixtures and taps to add sparkle.  There are many quick and inexpensive ways to update your home for the holidays, from painting, plumbing and electrical changes to flooring, back splashes and more!

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Bathroom renovation planning

bathroom reno plan

oakville bathroom renovator

Consider the following for your bathroom renovation planning:


The tub, toilet (water closet, or W/C), sink, vanity and taps are the main fixtures of the bathroom.  The fixtures often set the style, contemporary, modern or classic.  Often the fixtures can account for 40% of the renovation budget, however with the large selection of fixtures available today this is also the most flexible part of your budget.  Spend time working with a professional to choose the right fixtures.

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